What is a Desi Wedding?

A “desi wedding” refers to a traditional South Asian wedding, typically involving Indian,

Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or Sri Lankan cultures.

Desi weddings are often elaborate and colorful affairs, characterized by a range of pre-wedding,

wedding day, and post-wedding events that can last for several days.

Some common features of a Desi Wedding include:

  1. Mehndi ceremony: A pre-wedding ceremony where henna is applied to the bride’s hands and feet, often accompanied by music and dance.
  2. Sangeet ceremony: A pre-wedding ceremony where friends and family of the bride and groom come together for a night of music, dance, and celebration.
  3. Baraat: The groom’s wedding procession, which typically involves the groom arriving on a decorated horse or car, accompanied by his family and friends.
  4. Wedding ceremony: The main wedding ceremony, which can take place in a temple or other religious venue and involves various rituals and customs specific to the culture and religion of the couple.
  5. Reception: A post-wedding event where guests come together to celebrate the couple’s union with food, drinks, music, and dancing.

Desi weddings are known for their vibrant colors, ornate decorations, and elaborate attire. Family and community are also central to desi weddings, with many customs and traditions focused on bringing people together to celebrate the couple’s love and union.

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